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Leopard Mountain Kung Fu was born out of a simple idea: To share my passion for the martial arts and honor my teachers.

Sifu Curtis Allen:

Martial Arts Training and Lineage of Instruction:

  • Sifu Mark Small, Mountain Dragon Kung Fu, Asheville NC. Liuhebafa Water Boxing, Mizong Long Fist, Qigong, Northern Staff, Chan Si Jin, Nei Jia, Chen Pan Ling Thunder Stick. My instructor Sifu certification is held under Sifu Small, March of 2019. I began training with him in 2000.

  • Sifu Chi Keung Li, deceased. Charlotte, NC. Lai Tung Pai Kung Fu, Southern Chinese Longfist, Chi Gung, and Chinese herbal instruction. My first black sash and instructor qualification for youth classes was under Sifu Li in 2001. Began training with him in 1987.

  • Dai Sihing Daryl McFarley, Lai Tung Pai Kung Fu, Charlotte NC, beginning in 1988.

  • Sifu Chris Facente, Lai Tung Pai Kung Fu, Charlotte NC. Lai Tung Pai, Southern Longfist, Li Kai broadsword, Lei Tai full contact fighting. Current.

  • Sifu Bob Bryant, Maiden NC. Chinwoo Eagle Claw sword, Wu style Taijichuan, 2000-2002.

  • Jay Allen (father), Sankyu (Brown Belt) Goju Ryu Karate held under Sensei Don Little of Virginia. Basic strikes, blocks and kicks as a young man.

  • Thomas Baumann, Renaissance rapier, dagger, shield, and duello.

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